Kitchen Stools

40390 2152 Handy Step
40390 2152 Handy Step with Handle
57607 2121 Flip Out Step Stool
57607 2121 Step Stool
57607 2121 Flip Out Step Stool with Back
57607 2121 Onit
57607 2121 Curve Creek Step Stool
59588 3107 Cherry On-It (Iron, Chair, Step-Ladder)
59588 3107 Oak On-It (Iron, Chair, Step-Ladder)
98855 3136 Folding Step Stool
116757 Double Step Stool

Custom Furniture for Unique People

We are all unique in our own ways, so why should we stick with the standard? Woodforest Furniture will create custom furniture for any and all clients. We allow custom sizing, wood type, style, upholstery and much more. Stop in today to speak with a design specialist!

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We are open seven days a week and we always have someone that can help! Whether it be furniture design, room arrangement, care & maintenance tips, or anything else, don’t hesitate to call!
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